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Investor Brett D 7/20222

"Anyone need any drain lines scoped or cleaned?? Give these guys a call! Super cool guys and is Veteran owned, 100 % going to be using them in the future. Drain Dudes, LLC"

Homeowner Amie B 8/2022 

"Drain Dudes does an excellent job.  He came out and worked his rear end off to get our drains cleared.  We have had issues for 3 years since we moved in.  We had 2 other big companies out who did nothing but snake the lines and said it wouldn't work and we would have to cut our floor up or reroute the lines. I would recommend them anytime."

Homeowner: 11/23

I was referred to this gentleman by Pioneer, plumbing and restoration. Our basement was backing up water onto the floor as well as into our shower and our toilet would not flush. When we would wash clothes on the rinse cycle the basement would back up. When I'd take a bath up stairs or wash dishes it would back up as well. We would also hear a gurgling sound from the toilet. After having Morrison plumbing come out multiple times to fix the situation that never got fixed, I was referred to the plumbing company whom referred me to this gentleman who was the first to respond. I called him Monday and he came out Tuesday earlier than his scheduled time and not only was he polite but he did an amazing job. He ran an auger out and completely cleared the situation up. He was honest and told us we didn't even need the camera that was suggested unless we had the problem again. He also gave me a little education on our pipes and showed me where things were and what to and not to expect. I really appreciated that being a new home owner. We have not had any problems since. He also caped off the drain that was giving off fumes that we had no idea that was happening. He went above and beyond with his service and was very professional, honest, and hard working. If I have any issues he will be first on my list to call. Thank you again for you service I can finally have my basement back.

Homeowner Ronnie H. 5/2023

Robert and his son were a joy to work with. Both were very informative of what their plan was and even let me watch everything they did from start to finish. Robert even worked around my work schedule to make sure my issue was resolved. Jetted my main line. Did a before and after camera inspection. I plan on using him again for my future plumbing issues that I cannot handle myself

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